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Built-In Fraud Protection For All Chec Merchants

Andrew Underwood on

We are excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Sift Science to protect all Chec merchants from fraudulent orders.

Fraud and chargebacks for eCommerce merchants can be a real headache, as it can sometimes take up to 180 days for the bank to file a chargeback on behalf of your customer. We think this is a pain point for merchants and so we are doing our best to make it a thing of the past.

What Chec’s built-in fraud protection means for merchants

  • Instantly predict the true intent of your customer with every order. Know when an order is for real or when you are being scammed.

  • For each sale you make, over 5,000 fraud signals are run on the transaction by Sift Science and their powerful machine learning technology.

  • Every order you receive is scored out of 100 to help you make better business decisions. 0 out of 100 is a safe order, 100 out of 100 is fraudulent order. To help you understand the status of the order, details are listed for every order made. You can read more about Sift Science fraud prevention here.

We recommend that if an order is flagged as fraudulent, you should refund that order to the customer as soon as possible.

What’s next for Chec Merchants

We’ve got a few features in the pipeline that will make Chec the simplest and safest platform to sell from. We want merchants to be able to choose when to accept or decline and order based on the fraud score provided by Sift Science.

We also want to support those merchants with high transaction volumes who need a little extra attention when it comes to fraud and chargebacks. We’d be setting those merchants' up with personalized Sift Science accounts, where the merchant can choose what fraud signals they want to focus on specifically.
Hold tight for those features and specialized accounts. We’re working around the clock to make it happen.

We know a lot can be at stake when it comes to running an online enterprise so we want you to know that Chec is here to help you be as smart and successful as possible.

Safe selling!
Team Chec