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Built-In Fraud Protection For All Chec Merchants

Andrew Underwood on

We are excited to announce a partnership with Sift Science to help protect all Chec merchants from fraudulent orders.

In the physical world, we can pretty much trust the people we do business with. However in the digital world, that just isn't so.
Fraudulent orders and customer chargebacks are a grim and frustrating reality for most eCommerce merchants. We're working to make that a thing of the past.

What Chec’s built-in fraud protection means for merchants

  • Predict the true intent of your customer's order instantly. Know when an order is real or when you are being scammed.

  • For each sale made, over 5,000 fraud signals are run by Sift Science and their powerful machine learning technology.

  • Every order you receive is scored out of 100 to help you make better business decisions. A score of 0/100 is a safe order. A score of 100/100 is fraudulent order. A list of signals is generated to support the fraud score for every order. You can read more about Sift Science fraud prevention here.

Chec recommends that if an order is flagged as fraudulent, refund the order back to the customer as soon as possible so to avoid chargeback fees.

What’s next for Chec Merchants

We’ve got a few features in the pipeline that will continue to make Chec the simplest and safest platform to sell from.

  • Accept or decline orders. Choose when to accept or decline an order based on the fraud score provided by Sift Science.

  • Deeper protection for high transaction volume businesses. Extra attention for those higher risk businesses, with the ability to upgrade to personalized Sift Science accounts to then have the ability to define specific fraud signals that are relevant to your business.

Hold tight for those features and specialized accounts. We’re working around the clock to make it happen.

Safe selling!
The Chec team.