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Commerce.js Case Study: Leon and George

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San Francisco based business Leon and George built their eCommerce functionality using Commerce.js in just 4 days.

Customer profile

Leon and George is a high-end indoor plant delivery business located in San Francisco. Dedicated to transforming people's homes and offices with the beauty of nature, Leon & George provide a selection of high quality plants, pots and accessories with next day delivery to the residents of San Francisco.

Founded in 2016, the company is driven by making plant care accessible, easy and sustainable. For every plant purchased through Leon & George, the company donates funds towards planting a tree in the US with the help of the National Forest Foundation.

Business goal

Leon & George were seeking an eCommerce solution that would allow them to quickly test assumptions, develop a solid customer experience and A/B simple flows and marketing techniques to drive and track sales.

With a focus on interior design and simplicity, the look and feel of the entire checkout process had to be in keeping with the brands aesthetic as well as simple for their customers to navigate.

Why Commerce.js?

Time to live

We initially just wanted to test the concept of the business and accept payments with something like PayPal. But seeing how quickly we could use Commerce.js + the cart functionality, we thought, maybe people will buy more than one plant. In about 10 minutes we had a selection of plants on our storefront and could demo the concept. Within a day we were playing around with the out of the box functionality and jumping into the API.

Starting with the storefront, we would just right click, inspect element and then copy and paste that code into our own template. We did the same for the cart, checkout and the receipt. The speed in which we were building our flows was surprisingly fast.”


What made the integration so easy?

Pre-existing code and the community.

We’re a team of developers but had never done an eCommerce integration ourselves so were a little cautious at the start. We soon found how easy it was to take the existing code base provided with Chec's self hosted checkouts and then make it our own using the Commerce.js API.

Not having to go out and build it all was a huge helper for us, especially when you take into consideration taxes, discounts, customers and shipping.

Having the Commerce.js Slack community and live support was also a big helper as we knew that if we did run into an issue along the way, someone would be there to help almost instantly.”

How has Chec and Commerce.js enhanced your business?

Design, discounts and the ability to A/B test

“Being live much sooner than we expected was huge for us. The ability to design the entire checkout flow to match our branding and landing pages was also pretty amazing. We’ve been able to A/B test a few design iterations since launching and each time we’re blown away with how the API adapts and handles each and every call perfectly.

It’s really important for us to understand why our customers purchase our products. Using the custom data fields at the checkout as well as discount codes has been great for data capturing, re-engaging customers and understanding our business better.”

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