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Commerce.js Case Study: Monday Motorbikes

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The future is efficient, clean and high performance. That’s why Monday Motorbikes chose Commerce.js to build their eCommerce checkout.

Customer profile

Monday Motorbikes is the maker of the world’s first crossover electric motorbike. Located in Brisbane, California, Monday Motorbikes has been turning heads with the incredible M1 electric motorbike.

After a record breaking Indiegogo campaign to fund the first production run of bikes, the electric motorbike company has made impressive traction, including a partnership with manufacturing powerhouse AIMA.
The M1 is packed full of features such as; regenerative braking, quick swap removable batteries, smart dash with USB charging capabilities and a keyless entry.

Business goal

A successful Indiegogo campaign saw Monday Motorbikes initially implement Celery to accept orders for their M1. But with such an emphasis on the future, design and speed, their standard Celery checkout didn't fit into the company’s branding.

The M1 took the coveted title of #1 in the “Best Stuff of the Year” by GQ magazine and so needed an eCommerce checkout to match the hype and style of the motorbike.
Monday Motorbikes was seeking an online purchasing experience that would complement the thrill of riding their motorbikes. An experience that was both unique and memorable for their new and returning customers.

Why Commerce.js?

We’d been using Celery for a year or so, but after we got it to work we weren’t that happy with how it looked on our site. It seemed like a waste to have done so much work on the marketing and landing pages side of things, to have that all grind to halt when it came to the most important part, accepting orders for the M1.

We saw how easily Commerce.js could make the checkout experience completely native and consistent with the rest of our marketing site. Our customers are parting with a lot of cash so we want those customers to have a premium experience at every interaction with our brand.

How did Commerce.js and Chec help with your business?

Aside from being able to create a purchasing experience that matched our brand, the ability to test new cart and checkout designs has helped find out what works best for us and our customers.

Accurate and consistent shipping charges are imperative for us as we don’t want to under charge on shipping or mislead the customer what it will cost to get their motorbike to them. We liked how we could set our own shipping rates in the admin dash and update them at any time. The tracking feature is also great. With every bike we ship we add a tracking code that gets sent to the customer so they can track their purchase from the moment it leaves our facility.

Chec’s pricing model also works really well for us. The % per transaction can be a real killer for a premium product like ours. The Pro plan works out to be super competitive and better than anything else we could find out there.

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